Friday, June 28, 2013

Seven Create by NOFA

I fully intended posting photos of “Seven Create”, a group project by the Northern Ontario Fibre Artists, but we are now hoping to enter this piece in competitions so have decided to only show some sections from each panels instead.

If you have had any experience with this kind of thing, I would appreciate hearing about it. I do know that for many major U.S. International shows it doesn't matter, and pieces can be shown or entered in several competitions. Please leave a comment.








I designed this project for our group. It includes 7 curvy panels that all fit together when hanging side by side. The whole project measures 12 feet wide by approximately 54” long.

I cut patterns from heavy plastic for each one of us. We also shared some fabrics but other fabrics and any embellishment could be used. The theme was texture in neutrals.

Each person worked on their own piece individually over a period of 2 years, sometimes bringing them in to show progress being made.

It was very exciting to see all the panels hanging together.

See more of the show in these two posts: show photos and opening reception

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Journey in Thread Photos

All art was created by the seven members of the Northern Ontario Fibre Artists from our very first show “A Journey in Thread”.

Postcard Display

Postcard close-up

Postcard close-up

NOFA members are Marie Black, Silvia Bos, Jane Hughes, Marnie Mascioli, Kit Ormsby, Karen Pilch, Terry Whyte

Hope you enjoyed the show!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Journey in Thread - Opening Reception

Here's a few pictures from our Opening Reception yesterday.

 6 of 7 Northern Ontario Fibre Artists - Terry, Marie, Jane, Kit, Silvia, Karen (Marnie was away)
in front of Seven Create
A Journey in Thread is on at the Englehart and Area Historial Museum (Englehart, ON) from June 6th to June 23rd, 2013

It was a beautiful day, had a great turnout and very positive reactions to our art.

We even sold a few pieces.  

I'll post photos of individual pieces in a bit including "Seven Create"

Our Group Project was the star of the show.

Refreshment table

Enjoying the books

Linking up to The Needle and Thread Network WIP, a blog featuring Canadian bloggers and Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday. Have a look at the amazing work there. 

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Take a Stitch Tuesday

Stitches 21 and 22

Two samples this week for TAST with Sharon b. at Pin Tangle

Stitches 21 and 22

Stitch 21 – Knotted Cretan Stitch

Knotted Cretan Stitch

I liked Sharon's little tree so I made a forest.

Stitch 22 – Buttonhole Wheel

Buttonhole Wheel

Need more practice but they were fun to play with.

I will link up to TAST at Pin Tangle.  

Check out the comments to see all the beautiful work going on there.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

NOFA - A Journey in Thread

Northern Ontario Fibre Artists

Today is the Open House for our group's first show.


We have group pieces, round robin projects including books and postcards. 

Each one of us also has several individual pieces on display.

Very exciting.

Will post about it later.


Linking up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Stitches 17 to 20

Four more samples this week for TAST with Sharon b. at Pin Tangle

TAST Stitches 17 to 20

Stitch 17 – Crossed Buttonhole

I found this stitch fairly easy and didn't need to concentrate so hard when making the arms uneven.

Crossed Buttonhole

Stitch 18 – Half Chevron

I had fun with this one. I'm thinking little aliens and their flying saucers.

Half Chevron

Stitch 19 – Bullion Knot

The inspiration for this flower came from Debbie at Jerusalem Notes: Fiberworks by Debbie although it looks quite different from hers.

Last week I copied some fish and Liz Eph from Thread Bear said she was really “chuffed” to see the fish as it was her idea. This French Canadian girl had never heard that expression, so had to look it up. I was chuffed to see it meant very pleased.

Bullion Knot

Stitch 20 – Butterfly Chain

I really like the border I made with snow dyed crochet cotton however no so sure if a spiral was a good design choice.

Butterfly Chain
I will link up to TAST at Pin Tangle

Check out the comments to see all the beautiful work going on there.

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