Sunday, July 28, 2013

Setting Sun

Quilt Documentation # 145

This is a little piece I made in 2012.

Setting Sun

I started by painting cotton fabric in gold, brown and white acrylics. When dry, I applied curved pieces that were cut from several types of fabrics – organza, tulle, scrim and cheesecloth.


The whole piece was then covered with fine tulle and free-motioned quilted.  More paint was added to the bottom vegetation.


The fabric was then wrapped and stapled over a 12” x 12” canvas .

Setting Sun was hung in our recent show “A Journey in Thread”.

A Journey in Thread display

And see the red dot, it sold!

Setting Sun - Sold!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fern Study 1 and 2

Quilt Documentation #143 and #144

Remember this?

Plein air printing during our retreat
I decided to do a little playing around using these prints and call it a “study”. I could print neater looking samples but I kind of like the messy spontaneous look of these.

The ferns were used as stamp as well as a resist for positive and negative spaces.

Fern Study 1 (Quilt #143)

Fern Study #1

The background is painted Lutradur.  It was further painted with black acrylic using a fern as resist (lighter area behind the top fern). It was a little blah so I added another fern over it by painting and applying using a brayer.

The stitching/quilting was all done once the 3 layers were sandwiched. I outlined the fern with black and mimicked the lines in the border fabric in and orange and yellow variegated thread.

stitching detail

I did a little touching up using markers extending the leaves onto the border. The binding is single fold in a basket weave looking fabric.

Leaf Study #1 - back
Measures 8½” x 12½”.

Fern Study 2 (Quilt #144)

Fern Study #2

For #2, I again layered the quilt sandwich before starting to stitch.

The fern was quilted in a variegated green rayon thread and the background in a one-inch grid.

stitching detail

I zigzagged over a thick cord as an edging. It came out OK except where it was joined together and the ends were unravelling. Difficult.

Fern Study #2 - back
Measures 9” x 12”.


On #1, I stitched my name and year using programmed alphabet on my machine.

Machine stitched signature

On #2, I experimented with my new name stamp. Nice and easy, I like it!

self-inking stamp
stamped signature

And this is what is on my design wall. 

More fun with ferns coming

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Stitches 26 to 30

Fives samples this week for TAST with Sharon b. at Pin Tangle.

Stitches 26 to 30

I always start with my 4” frame using the featured stitch. I found that by the time I have gone all the way around the square, I usually have a fairly firm grip on the technique.

Stitch 26 – Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch

I like this stitch and how easy it is to change one little thing to get different variations.

Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch

Stitch 27 – Basque Stitch

I found this one fun and easy to do. I like how it looks as petals.

Basque Stitch

Stitch 28 - Oyster Stitch

Fairly easy, even with the several steps involved in making this stitch.

Oyster Stitch

Stitch 29 – Algerian Eye Stitch

I really like this one, well suited to a stylized design.

Algerian Eye Stitch

Stitch 30 - Cast on Stitch

A bit of a challenge but eventually came together.

Cast on Stitch

I will link up to TAST at Pin Tangle

Check out the comments to see all the beautiful work going on there.

Happy Stitching,


NOFA – Week-end Retreat

Northern Ontario Fibre Artists recently had a week-end retreat at Jane's cottage. 

We experimented with several techniques, watched Quilting Arts DVDs, ate great food and had lots of laughs.

Here's a few results of our experiments from the week-end.

Adding colour to Lutradur and Plein Air Painting

More Lutradur.  Forgot the alcohol?  lectric Shave is little smelly but it works

The sun wasn't out for quite long enough for Sun Painting but it was fun trying. 

And here's a little 9" x 12" piece I finished at home adding wool and beads.
Techniques from Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal.

We took advantage of a break in the weather to sit outside and fuse organza and felt using soldering irons.

It was a fun week-end.

Linking up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Stitches 23 to 25 and Accordion Books

Three more samples for TAST with Sharon b. at Pin Tangle.

Stitches 23, 24, 25,

Stitch 23 – Cable Chain Stitch

I thought this worked fairly well as a filler stitch. Needs blocking.

Cable Chain Stitch

Stitch 24 – Palestrina Stitch

Here, I tried different option while stitching the frame.

Palestrina Stitch

Stitch 25 – Bonnet Stitch

A little landscape,  should have tried using this stitch to couch some ribbon in place.

Bonnet Stitch

Accordion Books

I've decided to make little books from my samples for a stitch library. 

Accordion Books open & closed

After embroidering the name at the bottom of each sample using the alphabet stitches on my sewing machine, I glued them onto 6” cardboard squares and backed them with batik.

embroidered name of stitch at bottom of sample

I stitched 6 samples into each book, accordion style.

back of books

I will link up to TAST at Pin Tangle

Check out the comments to see all the beautiful work going on there.

And also The Needle and Thread Network  WiP Wednesday which features all Canadian blogs.

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