Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fern Study 1 and 2

Quilt Documentation #143 and #144

Remember this?

Plein air printing during our retreat
I decided to do a little playing around using these prints and call it a “study”. I could print neater looking samples but I kind of like the messy spontaneous look of these.

The ferns were used as stamp as well as a resist for positive and negative spaces.

Fern Study 1 (Quilt #143)

Fern Study #1

The background is painted Lutradur.  It was further painted with black acrylic using a fern as resist (lighter area behind the top fern). It was a little blah so I added another fern over it by painting and applying using a brayer.

The stitching/quilting was all done once the 3 layers were sandwiched. I outlined the fern with black and mimicked the lines in the border fabric in and orange and yellow variegated thread.

stitching detail

I did a little touching up using markers extending the leaves onto the border. The binding is single fold in a basket weave looking fabric.

Leaf Study #1 - back
Measures 8½” x 12½”.

Fern Study 2 (Quilt #144)

Fern Study #2

For #2, I again layered the quilt sandwich before starting to stitch.

The fern was quilted in a variegated green rayon thread and the background in a one-inch grid.

stitching detail

I zigzagged over a thick cord as an edging. It came out OK except where it was joined together and the ends were unravelling. Difficult.

Fern Study #2 - back
Measures 9” x 12”.


On #1, I stitched my name and year using programmed alphabet on my machine.

Machine stitched signature

On #2, I experimented with my new name stamp. Nice and easy, I like it!

self-inking stamp
stamped signature

And this is what is on my design wall. 

More fun with ferns coming

Happy Quilting,



Monica said...

Ferns are so elegant, aren't they? You have a nice series going here. I especially like the cross hatched quilting on the first one, great idea!

judi said...

I really like the creative stitching you've done here on your fern study. Inspirational!

Margaret said...

I like these very much, Terry -- especially the way you've echoed shapes in your quilting, and your great colour choices. :-)

Maartje Quilt said...

Beasutiful your ferns and colors! Intelligent quilting!

Nina Marie said...

wow - you can really see how how the studies could lead into a bigger idea - plus you can see which stitching you like best. Very nice!