Saturday, August 20, 2016

Imagine Monthly - Painter's Ecstasy

Painter's Ecstasy - March 2015 Workshop with Paivi Eerola

(see previous posts for January and February workshops)

This class was inspired by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian artist and architect.  

I had never heard of Hundertwasser and immediately thought I can't do this.  

But after looking at hundreds of his paintings and buildings,  I decided to give it a try and then couldn't stop.

This time we used watercolours.

This is my first Hundertwasser to get the feel of the watercolours.

by Terry Whyte

And this was the actual spread following Paivi's lesson.

by Terry Whyte

Then I played around with a few more.

by Terry Whyte

by Terry Whyte

by Terry Whyte

I really like the spirals, so I just had to make a quilt.  This is a wallhanging measuring 35" x 35".  The strips were all cut on the bias using the continuous binding methods and were stitched on raw edged.

by Terry Whyte
Here's a close-up.

by Terry Whyte

Work in progress:

by Terry Whyte

About that time, the Englehart Area Artists were having a members' show and the theme was Artfully Recycled.  

Here is my entry: Hundertwasser Chair.

This chair has been around for a long time, came with an old cottage.  It was painted grey, with some red showing where the grey had worn off.  In places it was worn right down to the bare wood.  As you can see it is held together with metal rods and wire and has a few spindles missing.  I wish I would have taken a picture.  Anyways it's a fun chair now, with the solar system on the seat.

by Terry Whyte

by Terry Whyte

by Terry Whyte

Happy Quilting and painting,

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Imagine Monthly - Flowing Greenery

Flowing Greenery - February 2015 workshop with Paivi Eerola

The second class was inspired by William Morris. The technique used here taught us to create illustrational pages, also very abstract paintings.

This time we used colouring pencils and acrylics.

This was my first attempt.

by Terry Whyte

And then an abstract

 by Terry Whyte

Another vase
by Terry Whyte

This is a two page spread in a moleskin journal.  The fruit tree was made the same way as the "flowers" and the trunk as the vase.  Animals were drawn using simple shapes.

by Terry Whyte

My second spread.

by Terry Whyte

William Morris designed a lot of wallpapers and fabrics using leaves and flowers and almost always added a few little animals in his designs.

Challenging but learned a lot.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Imagine Monthly - Doodled Luxury

Back in December, while waiting for back surgery, I decided to sign up for an online workshop to keep me occupied during recovery.  No bending, no twisting, no lifting for 3 months puts a kink in what you can do.

The course I signed up for was an Art workshop Imagine Monthly with Paivi Eerola and it was wonderful.  Paivi posted a workshop on the first of every month for six months.  These were inspired by different artists or an era or a style.  I have since signed up for another, this time, for 5 months.  Check out  Paivi's blog  if you are interested.

Doodled Luxury

The first class was called Doodled Luxury and believe me there was a lot of doodling.  We used colouring pencils, watercolours and collage.

This was my first attempt.    All the elements are first doodled and then collaged onto the background.   I did not like the format of this journal, I believe this is an album.

Doodled Luxury - 1 - by Terry Whyte

My second attempt was on watercolour paper.  I used my granddaughter's photo instead of painting the face.

Doodled Luxury - 2 - Emma by Terry Whyte

# 3 was painted in Moleskin Journal. I liked this format much better.  I also enjoyed switching it up by adding the birds instead of a face.

Doodled Luxury - 3 - by Terry Whyte
# 4 - At this point I wanted to see what I could do with fibre.  I stitched with thread instead of doodling with crayons.  The background and elements were dyed with fabric liquid dye and the collage was stitched down.  I also added a few beads and then wrapped the whole thing on a stretched canvas.  

Doodled Luxury -4- fibre on canvas by Terry Whyte

# 5 was painted on a wooden board.  We were given the 12" x 12" boards  (cradle board?) to be painted as a donation for a fund raiser at the Temiskaming Art Gallery.  Hope it is suitable.

Doodled Luxury - 5 - on wooden board by Terry Whyte
These were a lot of fun to do.
I will post about the other classes in following blogs.

Happy Quilting,


Sunday, July 24, 2016

ART PROMPT #20 - Add buttons

Button Loon

This was the only "Art Prompt" project made in the last year.

However, I do plan to continue with this project now.

Button Loon, stretched on canvas and framed.

I made this little loon quilt in 1991 when I had only been quilting for a few years.  I was quite proud of it at the time.

Loon Quilt made 1991

Here's the back with some not so great hand quilting.

 I started by adding two new hand dyed borders over the original "plaid" ones and removing the hand quilting in the black borders.

New borders
 And then doing a lot of machine quilting in the background as well as the borders.


Once the quilting was completed. I covered the loon with the buttons.  All these were sewn on by machine.  It was a little tricky at time to get the overlap and involved a few broken needles. 

Quilting completed and buttons added
 Some close-ups.


The completed quilt was wrapped around a canvas, which was then inserted into (what may be called) a floater frame.  My husband made the frame and backed it with a piece of plywood, which I painted a greyish blue.

Button Loon wrapped on canvas and framed.
On the back, I glued a picture of the original quilt and the following:

Button Loon
Original Loon Quilt
made 1991 (minmal hand quilting)
Upcycled 2015
Background heavily machine
quilted.  Buttons cover original
Made by Terry Whyte
Kenogami, ON - 2015

Back of frame

See you next time, 



ART PROMPT - #21 – Use catalogue


One prompt, one project (taking as long as required to finish the project)

It's OK to finish or use a previously started project (UFO) as a starting point.

Make something creative. 

Use any Media.

Blog about the project.

Pick another prompt once the project is done.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters' Guild "18th Annual Quilt Show"

Hello from Kenogami.

I'm back!

I had back surgery in February and doing much better now.

Even though I was not blogging I did manage to get a few projects done and will try to get them up here soon.

I started blogging in order to document my quilts and I really miss not having a record of my projects to refer to.  

It seems appropriate to start with our 18th Annual Quilt Show since the 17th Annual was my last entry last year.

Enjoy the show!

20 Year Anniversary Challenge Entries

First place winner!

Some of my postcards

Flight of the Butterflies by Vivian Halsall 

Detail from Wild Flowers (above) by Cindy Girbig

Donna Deforge and Terry Whyte challenged each other to make "faces"
See you soon.

Happy Quilting,


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

17th Annual Quilt Show

The Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters' Guild held it's annual quilt show again this year at the Museum of Northern History.

The show is traditionally on display for the month of May with the Open House held on Mother's Day.

All quilts in the show have not previously been shown in this show.

An "Airing of the Quilts" is on display on the museum's grounds during the Open House.  These can be any quilts that have been in previous shows, old quilts, anything goes.

Here are some of the quilts from the show:

Lots of goodies at the Open House:

Airing of the Quilts

It was a beautiful day but our snow had just left us, so the grounds had not been groomed yet.

And on  the veranda of the Sir Harry Oakes Chateau which now hosts our local museum:

Happy Quilting,