Sunday, July 24, 2016

ART PROMPT #20 - Add buttons

Button Loon

This was the only "Art Prompt" project made in the last year.

However, I do plan to continue with this project now.

Button Loon, stretched on canvas and framed.

I made this little loon quilt in 1991 when I had only been quilting for a few years.  I was quite proud of it at the time.

Loon Quilt made 1991

Here's the back with some not so great hand quilting.

 I started by adding two new hand dyed borders over the original "plaid" ones and removing the hand quilting in the black borders.

New borders
 And then doing a lot of machine quilting in the background as well as the borders.


Once the quilting was completed. I covered the loon with the buttons.  All these were sewn on by machine.  It was a little tricky at time to get the overlap and involved a few broken needles. 

Quilting completed and buttons added
 Some close-ups.


The completed quilt was wrapped around a canvas, which was then inserted into (what may be called) a floater frame.  My husband made the frame and backed it with a piece of plywood, which I painted a greyish blue.

Button Loon wrapped on canvas and framed.
On the back, I glued a picture of the original quilt and the following:

Button Loon
Original Loon Quilt
made 1991 (minmal hand quilting)
Upcycled 2015
Background heavily machine
quilted.  Buttons cover original
Made by Terry Whyte
Kenogami, ON - 2015

Back of frame

See you next time, 



ART PROMPT - #21 – Use catalogue


One prompt, one project (taking as long as required to finish the project)

It's OK to finish or use a previously started project (UFO) as a starting point.

Make something creative. 

Use any Media.

Blog about the project.

Pick another prompt once the project is done.

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Anonymous said...

Your post brought back memories. I inherited my grandmother's button box. When I was little, my grandmother would give me a needle, thread and box of buttons to occupy myself. 60 years later, I can still look at those buttons and think about the garments she made for me using those buttons.
Deb Thuman