Sunday, July 31, 2016

Imagine Monthly - Doodled Luxury

Back in December, while waiting for back surgery, I decided to sign up for an online workshop to keep me occupied during recovery.  No bending, no twisting, no lifting for 3 months puts a kink in what you can do.

The course I signed up for was an Art workshop Imagine Monthly with Paivi Eerola and it was wonderful.  Paivi posted a workshop on the first of every month for six months.  These were inspired by different artists or an era or a style.  I have since signed up for another, this time, for 5 months.  Check out  Paivi's blog  if you are interested.

Doodled Luxury

The first class was called Doodled Luxury and believe me there was a lot of doodling.  We used colouring pencils, watercolours and collage.

This was my first attempt.    All the elements are first doodled and then collaged onto the background.   I did not like the format of this journal, I believe this is an album.

Doodled Luxury - 1 - by Terry Whyte

My second attempt was on watercolour paper.  I used my granddaughter's photo instead of painting the face.

Doodled Luxury - 2 - Emma by Terry Whyte

# 3 was painted in Moleskin Journal. I liked this format much better.  I also enjoyed switching it up by adding the birds instead of a face.

Doodled Luxury - 3 - by Terry Whyte
# 4 - At this point I wanted to see what I could do with fibre.  I stitched with thread instead of doodling with crayons.  The background and elements were dyed with fabric liquid dye and the collage was stitched down.  I also added a few beads and then wrapped the whole thing on a stretched canvas.  

Doodled Luxury -4- fibre on canvas by Terry Whyte

# 5 was painted on a wooden board.  We were given the 12" x 12" boards  (cradle board?) to be painted as a donation for a fund raiser at the Temiskaming Art Gallery.  Hope it is suitable.

Doodled Luxury - 5 - on wooden board by Terry Whyte
These were a lot of fun to do.
I will post about the other classes in following blogs.

Happy Quilting,


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