Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Imagine Monthly - Flowing Greenery

Flowing Greenery - February 2015 workshop with Paivi Eerola

The second class was inspired by William Morris. The technique used here taught us to create illustrational pages, also very abstract paintings.

This time we used colouring pencils and acrylics.

This was my first attempt.

by Terry Whyte

And then an abstract

 by Terry Whyte

Another vase
by Terry Whyte

This is a two page spread in a moleskin journal.  The fruit tree was made the same way as the "flowers" and the trunk as the vase.  Animals were drawn using simple shapes.

by Terry Whyte

My second spread.

by Terry Whyte

William Morris designed a lot of wallpapers and fabrics using leaves and flowers and almost always added a few little animals in his designs.

Challenging but learned a lot.

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