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Dyeing to Play 2 – Pembina River

Quilt # 26

Dyeing to Play 2 - Pembina River

This quilt was made in response to Abstract Art Quilt Reader Challenge by Quilting Arts Magazine.

The challenge was to create an 8 ½” x 11” abstract quilt from a representational photograph based on principles and elements set forth by Liz Berg in her two-part article on abstract design in Quilting Arts Magazine

It was inspired by this photo that my son took while fishing on the Pembina River in Alberta, Canada.

Dyeing to Play 2 – Pembina River was made in July, 2006 and a picture of it was published in the February/March 2007 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.
Quilting Arts Magazine

This is the second in a series using only fabric from a group of hand-dyed muslin and over-dyed prints.  See this post.

I cut six fabrics into 4 pieces and dyed each group of six, golden yellow, burgundy, turquoise, and brown.   A few fabrics from the turquoise and yellow groups were used in this quilt.

Three sizes of rectangular shapes were cut and fused to a background piece, narrow strips for water and trees, wider pieces for the sky and riverbank and chunky rectangles formed the rocks.
The leaves on the autumn tree are represented by triangles.

Free motion quilting adds dimension and the design of the quilt carries through into the binding.

Since this quilt was page size, I fused the back to a piece of freezer paper and printed the label right on the quilt back. The fabric was first treated with Bubble Jet Set which makes the printing permanent.

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