Tuesday, May 10, 2011



Quilt #29


Another journal page experimenting with bleach to discharge.

Techniques:  I used a Q-Tip dipped in bleach/water mix to draw a branch directly on fabric.

The leaves were stamped at the tips using a leaf stamp dipped in bleach, blotting the edges of the stamp before stamping to avoid edge marks. 

Rinsed and dried the fabric.

Added ribbon and zigzagged the branch.

Make the quilt sandwich and free motion quilted around the branch and leaves, stitching in more branches and leaves to the background.


At this point, I decided that the leaves were not discharged enough, I really liked the looks of my sample, so added more bleach to the leaves and also slightly discharged the quilted background design using the Q-Tip. 

Rinsed the whole quilt and dried.

back of quilt

Ribbon was added to the edges of the quilt and zigzagged in place.


Discharge can be done at any stage, before or after quilting although there was a slight bit of discharge that seeped through to the back.

The trick is to leave the bleach on just the right length of time.  It's a guessing game!

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