Friday, August 5, 2011

Life Is Good

Quilt # 40

Life is Good 
Life is Good was an exercise in writing on fabric. I really enjoyed the five different techniques I tried and am interested in seeing how many other methods can be experimented with.

I started with three pieces of hand-dyed Egyptian cotton.

The red-orange started out as this
Glue resist was the first technique. I used Elmer's Washable, No Run School Glue Gel, writing “Life is good” over and over again. Once the glue was dried, I painted on some Procion 'H' Liquid Dye, let that dry, steamed set and washed.

Glue added 

Procion 'H' dye added

For the second technique, I turned the fabric a quarter turn, and again wrote “Life is good” this time using a Clorox Bleach Pen. Once the fabric was discharged I stopped the bleach action using Bleach-Stop (Sodium Thiosulfate Crystals). Vinegar/water can be used for this also.

Bleach Discharge (white)

At this point, I sewed the three panels together.

My next step was to carve a stamp, and print over the writing with acrylic paint.

I then programmed my sewing machine for embroidering and stitched a curvy line so that some of the writing would travel on all three fabrics. This was done in a variegated thread in similar colours so that some of the letters disappear into the background.
Machine Embroidery - click on picture for better look

After sandwiching the quilt, I quilted through all three layers, again writing “Life is good” in straight lines across the quilt, first, one line on the front and turning the quilt over and writing the next line on the backside, then back to the front, and so on.
Back of Life is Good

detail of quilting

A facing and sleeve, were added using some of my hand-dyed muslin.

I make some of my labels for Art Quilts with ExtravOrganza and attach them with fusible web.
Label and facing

And yes, LIFE IS GOOD!

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Quilt Name: Live is good
Description: Abstract Art Quilt
Pattern: Rectangular quilt divided into three uneven sections
Size: 28½” x 36¾”
Fabrics: Hand-dyed Egyptian cotton
Predominant colours: Orange, blue, green purple, yellow
Construction Techniques: Dyeing, glue resist, bleach discharge, stamping, embroidery, machine quilting.
Back: Hand-dyed muslin
Batting: Bamboo
Edge finish: Facing
Quilting: Machine quilted on domestic sewing machine
Quilted by: Terry Whyte
Sleeve: Yes
Label: Yes
Date completed: 2010
Quilt History: Displayed at the Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters Guild 2011 quilt show.
Maker: Terry Whyte

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