Sunday, December 9, 2012

Purple Flower - Squaring Up - V

Quilt #113
Purple Flower

Purple flower was a monoprint that I made by applying purple, white and gold metallic paint to a piece of glass, actually a 12 “ mirror square, swirled with my fingers and printed on black cotton.

After glueing the fabric to Timtex with 505 adhesive, I added mauve wool by couching and quilting with purple and gold metallic thread.


I squared up the piece to 10” and then cut it up in 2” squares and appliqued each square to a hand dyed using a free motion zigzag stitch.

I sandwiched the top with a similar hand dyed for the back and quilted between the squares and along the edges with a lot of straight lines using a variegated purple thread'

quilting - bindind
A spotty purple print for the binding and sleeve finished off the quilt.

Purple Flower back


Purple is my least favourite colour and I find it hard to work with, but I keep trying.

This #5 of “Squaring Up”, a series using squares as my theme.

Quilt Name: Purple Flower – Squaring Up V
Description: a grid of squares appliqued to a background
Pattern: Original
Size: 17½” x 19”
Fabrics: 100% cotton
Predominant colours: Purple, gold, black
Construction Techniques: Finger painted monoprint on cotton, couching, free motion quilting applique
Back: 100% hand dyed cotton
Batting: warm and natural cotton
Edge finish: double fold french binding
Quilting: Grid lines quilted on Domestic Machine
Quilted by: Terry Whyte
Sleeve: yes
Label: yes
Date completed: 2011
Quilt History: displayed in the 2012 Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters Guild
Maker: Terry Whyte

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