Friday, April 19, 2013

Upcycling #1

Quilt Documentation # 137

Upcycling #1

While doing some cleaning out recently, I came across half a dozen little landscape quilts that I made a long, long time ago. They came very close to being trashed and then I thought I might want to play a little to see what I could do.

The appliqueing was pretty bad (I was just learning) and the fabric.......well, just look for yourself.

This is what I started out with:

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I decided to leave the hand quilting and added a whole lot of free motion quilting.

Time to tackle the polka dot tree. I picked out 3 shades of green, light, medium and dark and started with the light then adding the medium and finally the dark.

light green
medium green

dark green
more dark green

For the grass, I used the same thread but reversed the order of the shades of green.

grasses - dark green

grasses - medium green

grasses - light thread

A little tweaking on one of the hills. I tone down the red flowers with a purple marker before stitching a grid in gold and brown thread.

tone down hill

I did not mind the colour so much under the tree, related to the mountains, so I added some paisley shapes to make it look like rocks.....maybe.


There was a lot of distortion going on by the time I finished all that thread painting.


I blocked it and squared it up.


And added a facing.

Upcycling #1

Not sure what I'll do with it now, but it was lots of fun.  It measured 12" x 16", now 9" x 13".

I called it #1 because I think I may do this again.
Happy quilting,



Lori S said...

Amazing transformation. I love it!

QuiltSwissy said...

Cool! Several of the people in my fiber group often resurrect old pieces and redo them. I love what you have done and how you walked us through it.

Anonymous said...

Amazing what thread painting can do. Was especially pleased with the tree and the grass. Very interesting to follow your steps and the sequence of thread. Thanks, Ruth

Sylvia said...

Wonderful save! Put it up for sale!

Nina Marie said...

wowsy - now that was a great make-over - just shows you how much we learn over the year. I love the idea of layering thread work over something to give a change. Great job!

Karen@littlebirdiequilting said...

What a really great work of "upcycling"! Isn't it good to resurrect something and give it new life!