Friday, May 3, 2013

Postcard Fun #2

Sometimes I don't want to start a new project, or maybe I just completed one I need to recharge the batteries.

I use to do what I thought of as mindless piecing, something that required a lot of sewing without having to do a lot of thinking.

Now I think that making postcards is much more fun!!

Four cards from 1 kit!

Not long ago, I posted about making up little postcard kits (see here) 
with the idea of just using the bits and scraps in the kit.

Follow the progression and the results of another postcard fun day.


Card #1

Card #2


Card #3

Card #4

For me, working with limited supplies, really makes me think outside the box.

Happy Quilting,


1 comment:

Sylvia said...

I love making postcards! I really like your idea of making little kits.