Saturday, September 28, 2013

Work in Progress

It's been a while, I guess I've been on a blogging holiday.

I still have many quilts to document but now need to do a photo shoot as well as go through old photo files.

In the meantime, here's a little sneak peek at something I'm working on. More on this later.

work in progress

Happy quilting,



Margaret said...

Felt? Quilted, beaded hand-dyed felt? I'm intrigued!

Regina said...

I have to agree: that certainly looks intriguing!

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

I'm so excited that I found your blog. I just saw your article from 2010(?) on the Northern Ontario Fibre Arts group (in that Ontario based Needlework magazine that I can't remeber the name of right now!) and thought it was a wonder creative project. I am just starting on this Quilt Art journey (with felt) looking for inspiration and learning tidbits.
Thanks for sharing.