Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Southwest Spirit

Quilt Documentation #148

Southwest Spirit

This past week my two pieces “Southwest Spirit” and “ Renewal” were juried into The Englehart Area Artists Juried Show. There were 38 chosen from over 80 entires.

This show was open to several art categories: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastel, Print Making, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Photography and Fibre Arts.

I had planned to do something 3-D with Southwest Spirit but could not get it to work the way I wanted.  But  I will try again another time.

Making this piece was a bit frustrating, and I documented most of it, so bear with me.

This started out as a paper towel that I used as a wipe rag while dyeing some fabrics.
I glued it to muslin with diluted glue to make paper fabric.

paper towel glued to muslin

When dry, I added batting and backing and free motion quilted it with variegated thread. I also added beads, some cover up the holes in the paper towel.

I quilted a black background with variegated thread and discarded it as too busy and settled on a black background quilted with black thread.

The little quilt was fused and hand couched to it with red crochet cotton.

I took the other half of the paper towel and glued it to a black cotton instead of muslin because I wanted to make a raw edge binding and did not want any white showing. Little did I know that it would darken the colours so much.  See the difference in the before and after photos.

Before gluing to black fabric

After gluing to black fabric
You can see in the "After" photo below, where a binding was stitched almost all the way around and I changed my mind again.

I thought the dark paper fabric would work, so I cut the background quilt down to a more square shape and zigzagged the 1” strips on for the binding. I think it looks a lot like leather .

This quilt had a southwest flavour to me, hence the name and the Kokopelli on the hanging sleeve on the back.

Southwest Spirit back, sleeve and label
This quilt measures 22" x 19 1/2". 

I'm so glad it's finished.

I will blog about "Renewal" in my next post.

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Margaret said...

Very nicely done, Terry, despite your frustrations. ;-) Congratulations on getting into the mixed-media exhibit. It will be interesting to hear how it's received in with paintings etc. :-) And yes, I like the way your binding looks like leather. The zig-zag finish suits the Southwest 'feel' very much.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Heaven....talented people out there!! this is so unique and interesting...great job!

M-R Charbonneau said...

Very cool! Congrats on getting into the mixed-media exhibit!

Angela said...

I love working with paper towel too! Very cool!

Margaret Cooter said...

Interesting, what a difference the black or white backing can make.

elle said...


Regina said...

A very interesting piece, I didn't know one could do these things ...

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Thank you for sharing...this is very inspiring and educational!