Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tango is Back!

After a year of travelling.

Tango - 28" x 40"

Tango was a semi-finalist in the Quilt category of the Creativ Festival's 25th SILVER anniversary 2012 Designer Style Challenge, Toronto.  I did not have a problem with this, I just did not know.

It came home last week.

I blogged about making it here

I obviously did not read the fine print very well, as I was totally unaware that the semi-finalist entries would remain with Janome for a year when I entered this challenge.

Note to self (and to anyone competing): READ THE FINE PRINT.

Part of the letter from Janome with my returned quilt said:

We have had the pleasure of showing your quilt around Canada at various consumer shows for the past year. In between shows it's been hanging in our office. I must tell you it has inspired many people! Well done!


I'm glad it's back.

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Happy Quilting,


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Mary Ann said...

Belated congratulations...lovely quilt:)