Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NOFA Fun Day - June 18, 2011

Northern Ontario Fibre Artists 

Pots of wax

Once a year, we have a Fun Day to give us a chance to try out new techniques, that take more time than our regular meetings allow.

This year, we decided to play with WAX.

Our two choices were Encaustics and Soya Wax Resist.

Marnie offered the family cottage at Ice Chest Lake for the days activities.

All lined up on the dock!  Click on picture for closer look!
For most of us, Encaustics was a brand new adventure, knowing very little about the process but raring to go.

Here a very brief and basic description in case you are not familiar with Encaustics.  It involves "painting with coloured wax".  What we made were Encaustics Collages where fabrics, paper, embellishments of all kinds are imbedded in layers of wax.  The wax is heated and moved around on the board or stiff paper.

Karen had previously taken an Encaustics workshop and volunteered to be our morning project instructor. She brought the wax and all the supplies needed to get us started.

Marie provided us with three 12” x 12” boards each, very precisely cut for us by her husband Rick. He thought he might be off by a smidgen on one or two boards. I'm sure that if he would have seen our end products, he would have seen he had no need for worry.

So after getting fortified by Kit's yummy Stickly Buns and Fresh Fruit Salad, we were off and running.

Here are some of our efforts for the day.


It's a bit messy!

LUNCH - Pot luck salads and Marnie's  BBQ Burgers were enjoyed sitting out on the dock. The day was perfect, bright and sunny but not too hot.

Then it was time for the Soya Wax Resist.

Soya Wax Resist

This was new to all of us, but with some instructions found online, we dove right in.

I had tried doing batik many years ago and this was so easy and much more fun by comparison.

Here are some of the work in progress and a few results.

It was a really fun day, enjoyed by all.

Have a great day,


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