Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Oldies

Quilts # 65 – 66 and a Bunch of Assorted Christmas Projects

This pretty much takes care of Christmas Projects made over the years.
The ones today are some of the first projects I made when I started quilting over 20 years. Most come out every year, it's fun to reminisce.

Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by.

65 - Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath 
Can't remember where I found the pattern, but I still rather like this one. 
The 3-D Bow just adds a little something to the ribbon border.

3-D Bow
Again, a mixture of cotton and polyester, some machine quilting, some hand quilting.
Measures 30” x 30”.

66 - Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells

The Christmas Bells was the first Holiday wall hanging I ever made.
It is hand appliqued and has white pompons for the bell clappers.
Most of the fabric is polyester, the bells are cotton, measures 20” x 25”
The writing was hand embroidered and it was very sparsely hand quilted around the designs.
The pattern was from the very first quilting book I ever bought and it was not easy to come by, there were very few quilting books or magazine available in Canada in the late eighties.
We've come a long way, baby.

Tree Skirt
The little ribbon bows were machine stitched through to hold the layers together.

Tree Skirt

Two Star Table Runners
Table Runners fronts

Table Runners backs

Two Woven and Quilted Placemats

Placemats - one front and one back

Table Topper

Christmas Stockings

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