Wednesday, December 21, 2011

O Tannenbaum

Quilts #63 – 64 + 2 Christmas Stockings

O Tannenbaum I

I found an article by Maurine Roy who made a beautiful “Heart” quilt, she shared her technique in the magazine.
I wanted to try the technique without copying her heart pattern, so I designed a stylized tree. The method involves layering 2 fabrics, stitching and then cutting away. The decorative stitches cover the raw edges.
I love this technique and have used to make several of these trees as well as a couple of Christmas stockings.

Quilt # 63
O Tannenbaum I

This table topper is made up of 4 squares (12½” finished) and the border was cut 3” wide.
The green fabrics are all batiks, the black are 100% cotton and the thread is a Coats and Clarks gold coloured rayon.

centre & stitching 
detail at border, binding, 

Reverse Side

This quilt is reversible to a Crazy Patchwork that I had made and was waiting to quilt. The colours were right, and the size was almost big enough. I simply made my binding wider on that side to cover the shortfall.

Reversible to crazy patchwork 
I used many of the decorative stitches on my machine to decorate the patchwork. A red, gold and black on the dark patches and pale green to white variegated rayon on the light patches.
Decorative stitches
Decorative Stitches

The quilt measures 30” x 30” and made in 2005.

Quilt #64

O Tannenbaum II

O Tannenbaum II
I scaled down to this little wallhanging for a class sample.
There is a very skinny little border in turquoise and then 4 large triangles were added to square up the block.
The pattern on the fabric inspired me to quilt a grid all over the background.
detail of stitching, skinny border and quilting
The binding was cut with a curvy rotary blade, fused and then stitched with a decorative stitch.
Back, label and binding

The fabric on the front is all batik, the back is one of my hand-dyed.
This one was completed in 2009 and measure 18" x 18".

Christmas Stockings

These are the stockings I made for my two grandsons, Maximus and Massimo (Max and Mamo).

Since the shape of the letter could be mirrored, it worked in my favour in order to be able to use this method.

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