Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Double Irish Chain

Quilt # 68

Double Irish Chain
 There are 3 variations of Irish Chains, single, double and triple. The Double Irish Chain quilt uses three different fabrics or values of fabric.

Two blocks that make up the pattern

I made this quilt in 1995 and it is a traditional pattern made using strip-piecing that are then sliced and stitched into blocks.  Two different blocks make up the pattern.  Originally it would have been made by cutting and sewing all the little squares individually.

The quilting pattern on the plain block was copied onto paper and stitched through the paper. I was experimenting with different quilting techniques but did not find this one worth repeating.

Detail showing back and binding


Quilt Name: Double Irish Chain
Description: Traditional Irish Chain pattern
Pattern: Double Irish Chain
Size: 75” x 96”
Fabrics: 100% cotton
Predominant colours: Navy, red, pink, blue and white
Construction Techniques: Strip pieced
Back: Pink and white 100% cotton fabric used on the front.
Batting: Polyester
Edge finish: Double-fold french binding in red and navy plaid
Quilting: Machine quilted, straight diagonal lines and design in the plain blocks
Quilted by: Terry Whyte
Sleeve: No
Label: No
Date completed: 1995
Quilt History: Displayed in the Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters Guild 1999 Quilt Show
Maker: Terry Whyte

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