Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Strippie Sampler

Quilt # 90

Strippie Sampler is a king size quilt measuring 96" x 96" and it was made as a class sample to teach various strip-piecing and seminole techniques.

Strippie Sampler
I chose five fabric ranging from dark to light and a solid black for the background.

When choosing fabric I also try to look for different types of print - large, medium and small prints, tight design with hardly any background showing and a more open design.

The techniques shown in this quilt show variations of:
Straight Set (made of squares, rectangles or strips sewn together end to end), 
Dogtooth Borders (border strips using triangles), 
Diagonal Set (using strip-piecing)  
Pioneer Braid (including Chevron and variations).

The pictures below show the following strips:

1. Four Patch or Checkerboard
2. Chevron Triangle Variation
3. Curling Ribbon
4. Combination Strips
5. Chain of Squares
6. Wide Dogtooth

1.                  2.                    3.                          4.                       5.                   6.

7. Double Chain of Squares
8. Dogtooth pieced & plain Triangle Variation
9. Dogtooth Stripped pieced Triangle Variation
10. Diagonal Set with pieced triangle added to square.
11. Chevron variation

      7.                       8.                    9.                    10.                       11.

The outside border is called a Ribbon, a diagonal set made up of alternate stripped segments and plain strips of the same size,.

Ribbon Border
For the back I pieced one of my hand-dyed muslin with two strips of one of the prints that was used on the front.
Back of Strippie Sampler
Strippie Sampler was quilted by the St Peter's Quilters, a group of ladies who quilt at St Peter's Anglican Church in Kirkland Lake and donate the proceed to the church.
Quilting on back
My label was incorporated into one of the strips when the back was pieced.

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Quilt Name: Strippie Sampler
Description: Sampler of stripes placed vertically across the quilt
Pattern: Original
Size: 96” x 96”
Fabrics: 100% cotton
Predominant colours: Black,pink green, purple
Construction Techniques: Strip-piecing and seminole techniques
Back: own hand-dyed muslin and 100% cotton print
Batting: polyester
Edge finish: double fold french binding
Quilting: Hand quilted
Quilted by: St Peters Quilters, Kirkland Lake, ON
Sleeve: No
Label: Yes
Date completed:1999
Quilt History: Displayed at the Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters' Guild's Quilt Show in May, 2000.
Maker: Terry Whyte

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