Friday, July 13, 2012

Love Birds

Quilt #94

I have 3 king size quilts left to document, these were all made in the early nineties when I was just starting to quilt, so bear with me.

This is the very first bed quilt I made and it is king size. What was I thinking!

Love Birds

I really cut my teeth on this one. I can see so many things wrong with it now but at the time I thought it was great.

Let's see:

Fabric selection – some cotton, some polyester.

Values – not good, some very light and some very dark, a medium would have been nice, did not know that,  then!

Piecing – not good

Hand quilting – so-so, for the amount I had done. I quilted this without a frame or hoop.

Here's a close.  The blocks were mirror images, stitched together where the beaks meet.

And this the back, it looks brighter here than the navy that it is.

We all have to start somewhere and at the time, there was hardly any books and only a few magazines available, mostly with patterns only, not a lot of technique.

There weren't any classes available locally but I did manage to take 2 - one week workshops at Canadore College's summer program in North Bay in the early nineties. One was with Jackie Black of Thunder Bay and the other with Judith Dingle of Toronto.


Quilt Name: Love Birds
Description: pieced
Pattern: pieced birds on heart pattern from magazine
Size: 89” x 98”
Fabrics: cotton & polyester
Predominant colours: grey, pink, maroon and navy
Construction Techniques: mirror pieced blocks
Back: navy polyester
Batting: polyester
Edge finish: back folded to front and hand stitched
Quilting: Hand quilted
Quilted by: Terry Whyte
Sleeve: no
Label: no
Date completed: Early nineties
Maker: Terry Whyte

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