Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Feathery Grasses

Mixed Media #1
Feathery Grasses 

This little quilt was made following a tutorial in Angie Hughes' book titled Stitch, Cloth, Paper & Paint.  See Construction Techniques below.


I then added some decorative thread and a border of my hand dyed fabric. A skinny satin ribbon was zigzagged in place to frame the piece.

The border was machine quilted with gold rayon thread using many different free motion patterns.

Feathery Grasses - back

Quilt Name: Feathery Grasses

Description: Mixed Media

Pattern: Tutorial from Angie Hughes

Size: 12 ½” x 16 ¾”

Fabrics: Muslin, tissue paper, scrim, cheesecloth

Predominant colours: Yellow, green, blue

Construction Techniques: Muslin was soaked in a water/glue mixture and left to dry. When it was dry, tissue paper, scrim and cheese cloth was added and left to dry again. Machine stitching came next and then gesso sealed the surface to make prepare it for the acrylic paints.
Back: 100% hand dyed cotton

Batting: ? (very thin)
Edge finish: Single fold binding

Quilting: Free motion quilted on Domestic Machine

Quilted by: Terry Whyte

Sleeve: yes

Label: yes

Date completed: 2009

Maker: Terry Whyte


Lynette (NZ) said...

Lovely piece. I have just done a post about using scrim and have linked to you here

bohemiannie! art said...

So beautiful! I've come via Lynette!