Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September's 2012 FMQ Challenge with Paula Reid

Front using Isacord

Since I did not have any Golden Threads paper I decided to try Glad Press 'n Seal. I have used this for applique placement but not for quilting through.

I printed the design provided by Paula and layered the Press 'n Seal over it, it stuck nicely to the paper. I traced the design with a fine Sharpie and let it dry. I then peeled it off the paper on stuck it on my quilt sandwich (again it stuck to the fabric really well) and stitched through.

Using Press 'n Seal

I used Isacord on top and Sulky Rayon on the back. I really like the shine of the rayon but the thread kept shredding when I tried it on the top.

Back using Sulky Rayon thead

Needed to use tweezers to remove as some areas are pretty small, but it did come off clean and easily at the stitching lines.

After removing the Press 'n Seal, I stippled the centre and area around the design. 

The only problem I ran into was that a little of the ink transferred onto the thread, but I would certainly use this method again with darker thread but would be leery to try it with white fabric and white thread.


Janet O. said...

Very clever use of the Glad product. Nice job on your stitching!

Dar said...

Nice sample of your quilting. Was glad to hear how you used the Press and Seal product. I may have to give this a try if I run out of Golden Thread papers. It should easier and less fussy to use too.