Thursday, April 10, 2014

ART PROMPT - #8 - Add a strong diagonal

Greeting Cards and Postcards - Albatross Stamp

Greeting cards

After taking the printmaking workshop, I really wanted to make another stamp. I liked the
4” x 6” format and since I also wanted to make greeting cards and postcards, it was the perfect size.

I found a picture of an albatross with a strong diagonal. This is my pattern and my carved stamp.

pattern and stamp
I'm not sure what the product is. It is softer than lino but firmer than the soft-kut that I have used before.

I experimented with making greeting cards. Some were printed with Screen Printing Ink and some with Jacquard Textile Color.

Screen Printing ink on light blue cardstock

Screen Printing ink on white cardstock - added watercolour paint after printing

Jacquard Textile Color on white cardstock - added watercolour paint before printing

Jacquard Textile Color on heavy paper - added watercolour paint after  printing - machine stitching

Also made a couple of postcards.

Jacquard Textile Color on own handdyed cotton - machine stitching & satin-stitch edges

Jacquard Textile Color on silk and organza collage - machine stitching & satin-stitch edges

Still lots to play with and so many other options to try.

more printed fabric to play with

See you next week,


NEXT ART PROMPT - #9 – Add wire


One prompt, one project (taking as long as required to finish the project)

It's OK to finish a previously started project (UFO)

Make something creative.

Use any Media.

Blog about the project every Friday.

Pick a prompt for the next week once the project is done.


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Susan Barker said...

Certainly a interesting way to learn both about your art and about yourself! Gives me food for thought!

Regina said...

Very very nice cards, and interesting to see how little you had to add to make each one unique.