Thursday, April 24, 2014


ART PROMPT - #9 - Add wire

Week 2

I have been thinking of making a soft sculpture from snipped thread for a while and when the “add wire” prompt came up, I knew this would be it.

Thread Sculpture

I purchased this Madeira Wash Away Avalon Ultra a few years ago but had not used it until now. I tested a little piece to see how it would dissolve,as it is pretty thick and was surprised that it did, very quickly. It was easy to sew through and only had to sit in lukewarm water for a couple of minutes to dissolve.

This is the work in progress:

pattern from wax paper
Thread sandwich
I stitched straight lines to stabilize and then in circles over the whole thing.  I used dark red thread on top and variegated thread in the bobbin.

Stabilizing with straight lines
top before soaking - red thread

back before soaking- variegated thread

Dried after soaking - adding wire

wire couched in

It measures 13" from the top of the base and 11" across at widest point.

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Kathy said...

This is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Margaret said...

What a lovely piece! That couching must have taken some time. Wondering, though, how you attached it to the base. :-)

Terry Whyte said...

Hi Margaret:
I attached a skinny rod (approx 1/8" dia.) along one edge of the piece which I wrapped around the rod and secured it with wire. My husband drilled a hole to stick the rod in. The hole was made bigger at the top to accommodate the fabric. The couching was pretty easy, just zigzagged over the wire.
Thanks for stopping by.

quilted fabric art said...

Very cool! Looks like seaweed to me :-)

Sheila said...

Very interesting and beautiful piece , thanks for sharing .

M-R Charbonneau said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing your process too!

momiji said...

Lovely, and what a fascinating technique. Thanks for describing your process, in addition to showing the finished work!

Chantal Thibodeau said...

It reminds me of some coral my mom used to have to decorate our living room, in the 80's. Same shape, except your colors are so much prettier than the beige coral.