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Fantasy Garden

Quilt Documentation # 162

Fantasy Garden - Terry Whyte

 I started blogging in order to document as many as my quilts as I could.

While putting away my quilts from my Waterloo Guild trunk show, I decided to sort out any quilts that had not been documented on my blog.

I was surprised that I had not blogged about the very first challenge the Northern Ontario Fibre Artists undertook.

Fantasy Garden is my quilt from the Round Robin Challenge, see below, and this is how it progressed:

Background onto which I added printer photos of some of my garden flowers

After three members added embellishments 

When I got it back I added a spider web and then added the back and batting this way:

Batik for the back with markings for size of finished quilt
Corners stitched and turned to front

Batting inserted inside the folds

Stitched the top over the "binding" edges
I then couched a piece of fuzzy wool just inside the raw frayed edges of the top.

After all the quilting was done, I added a spider and the dragonfly.

Fantasy Garden - Terry Whyte

NOFA Round Robin Embellished Collage

The idea was introduced in September, 2007 and the quilts were completed in 2008.

Background fabric could be pieced, appliqued, painted, dyed or left as is.
The owner of the background would add something to it in the form of:
    • applique
    • stamp
    • beads or other embellishments
    • stitch
    • numbers or lettering
    • yarn, ribbon, thread, etc
    • paint
    • add colour with crayons, Shiva Paint Stiks, markers, ink, etc.
    • Add photos
    • anything else you could think of
The background fabric would be passed along from one member to the other to embellish further until it had gone to each member.
The owner would then add more, or not, and finish the quilt in any way they wished.

These are the other quilts made in the challenge:

Spy......ral - Jane Hughes

Dancing in the Moonlight - Karen Pilch

Sunflowers - Silvia Bos

Pond Life - Kit Ormsby

Midnight Garden - Marnie Mascioli

Nature at Dawn - Marie Black

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Happy Quilting


Quilt Name: Fantasy Garden
Description: Embellished Collage
Pattern: Original
Size: 21½” x 28½”
Fabrics: 100% cotton
Predominant colours: Green, red, yellow
Construction Techniques: Applique, photo transfer, beading, thread painting, and more
Back: batik
Batting: bamboo
Edge finish: Back turned to front
Quilting: Free motion quilted on Domestic Machine
Quilted by: Terry Whyte
Sleeve: yes
Label: yes
Date completed: 2008
Maker: Terry Whyte

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