Thursday, July 24, 2014

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Stitches 80 to 83

Four samples for TAST this week with Sharon b. at Pin Tangle

Sharon presents a new stitch challenge every week at Take a Stitch Tuesday.

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Stitches 80 to 83
After practicing the stitch around a 4” frame, I try to come with a design using that stitch.

At the rate I'm going , I probably won't ever get caught up but I really enjoy learning new stitches and then trying to figure what I can do with them.

Stitch 80– Raised Chain Version 1

I really like the looks of this, gave a nice raised rounded shape as more rows were added to the base stitches.

Raised chain - Version 1

Stitch 81– Raised Chain Version 2

I didn't like the looks of this one as much as Version 1 which is probably due to the thread I used.

Raised Chain - Version 2
I like trying all different kinds of threads and wools. I found this at our Hobby Shop and thought I'd give it a try. It is called Sizzle by Red Heart, a 100% Nylon #2 (colour Fiesta Mix). It is very slippery and very hard to keep even tension on the stitches .

Stitch 82 – Spanish Feather Stitch

I think this stitch looks so elegant, I like it a lot.

Spanish Feather Stitch

Stitch 83 – Siennese Stitch

Fast and easy. I think a lot could be done with this stitch, see my corners. It is sometimes hard to figure out how to turn the corners.
Good filler, I used a varigeated wool and offset the stitches.

Siennese Stitch

I will link up to TAST at Pin Tangle .

Check out this site as well as the comments to see all the beautiful work going on there.

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Renee said...

I love the way you use the stitch as a frame and incorporate it into a motif! Beautiful samples!

Queeniepatch said...

I think it is good that you work slowly and think up these fantastic designs for each and every stitch. You are right that the Siennese stitch has a lot of potential, but I just love your Spanish Feather sail boats1