Thursday, August 28, 2014

Temagami Sunset

ART PROMPT - #12 – Use old make-up

Temagami Sunset - make-up painting

So the prompt is to use make-up to make something creative!

When I pulled this prompt, I thought “I don't have any old make-up”. Well guess what?  Don't   I throw anything away!

I was a little worried about not having enough variety of colour, so I did a test of what I had.

It looked like sunset colours to me. Here's my inspiration photo.

I chose a 9" x 12" (140 lb) watercolour paper.

I started by applying tanning make-up as background and using an eyeliner for the trees.  The rubber end on the eyeliner worked great for spreading the black around. 

Lip gloss and eye shadow did the rest.

Make-up used for painting
Temagami Sunset - make-up painting

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NEXT ART PROMPT - #12 – Add something from nature.


One prompt, one project (taking as long as required to finish the project)

It's OK to finish or use a previously started project (UFO) as a starting point.

Make something creative.

Use any Media.

Blog about the project.

Pick another prompt once the project is done.

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