Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fibre Content Show and Open Door Studio Tour

It has been a busy few weeks.


Shortly after our week-end retreat, I headed south to Burlington for the Fibre Content Show.

The show was wonderful with so much eye candy, I spent a whole afternoon there and still wished I could have gone back for another day to really take it all in.  I met several fibre artists on this trip and everyone involved with this show was so nice and welcoming.  Thank you everyone!

Seven Create

Our group entry "Seven Create" by Northern Ontario Fibre Artists was well received, lots and lots of great comments.

A nice surprise was that it came in third place as viewer's choice.


This past week was the Open Door Studio Tour held by the Englehart Area Artists.  This was my first year to participate.  Since I live a little ways away from the tour area, I set up at the Heritage Centre in Charlton along with 4 other artists.

Here's a couple of shots of my area:

Mini-books, post-cards, greeting cards and watercolours.

Gift bags, mini quilts and infinity scarves.

Mother Nature co-operated with the added bonus of gorgeous fall colour.

A decorated door marked each studio location.

I'm now hoping that things will settle down for a bit.

Happy quilting,



Margaret said...

What a wonderful tour! And I continue to be inspired by your 'Seven Create' project. Congratulations on a prize!

Hilary Florence said...

Congratulations. It looks fabulous. And what a wonderful idea. I've seen sculpture tours before but never fibre art. I don't think the weather in the UK would be safe enough for that