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At our February,Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters' Guild meeting, our program director, Sandy, demonstrated the making of a chatelaine.

An information sheet and two pieces of fabric in colours of our guild name tags were handed out to all members.

Members were encourage to design and personalize their own in any way they wanted.

Several members showed up with theirs completed at the March meeting, everyone different & looking great.

I traced around one of my husband's tie for a pattern, rounding off the bottom ends.  
Both sides are the same shape so there is no left or right sides, it can be worn either way.

One side has a pin pad made of felt that is covered by a flap.  A small piece of velcro on the underside sticks to the felt to hold it flat. 
The flap also covers the end of the ribbon tied to the scissors which sit in its own little pocket.
The excess ribbon can be tucked under the flap as well.   Also added a little bling to the end of the ribbon.

Felt pad for pins, scissors/pocket
 At the bottom of that side are two pockets, the top one is held closed with velcro.

needle pockets
The other side hold my name tag which hides the end of the ribbon tied to the seam ripper.
It sits in the first of three slots stitched into the uppermost pocket and can barely be seen if the ribbon is tucked into the slot.

name tag and seam ripper

 The lower portion has three pockets, the first with 3 slots that hold the seam ripper, a 6" ruler and a pencil and/or pen.  The middle is presently empty and the bottom one holds a plastic card filled with thread.
3 pockets

On the back of the first side, I added a "secret" pocket (with velcro closing) to stash a little emergency $$$.
"Secret" pocket

This was a fun project to make and will be useful especially for classes or workshops.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea! I love the idea that you used a special tie for yours. I have already thought about making up simple chatelaines for our next retreat gifts. Thanks for inspiring me!

Margaret said...

Spiffy! But it looks a bit wide to wear around the waist (traditional place for a chatelaine)...and I'm not sure I'd want it hanging around my neck. Maybe I'd make an apron instead? (grin)

Cathy Perlmutter said...

Great project! I'm suggesting to friends!