Monday, March 30, 2015

25 Printed Postcards

25 Printed Postcards

I love making stamps. I now have several that I have made to print postcards.

I'm experimenting with different materials to carve into, some are easier to handle than other but all are fun to do.

These are some of my stamps:


Most of these postcards were printed and then stitched on fabric that I either dyed or painted with liquid dyes.

Blue Jays on hand dyed, map and hand made paper.

Lady slippers on hand dyed and hand painted fabric

Three clematis and an acrylic painted flower over the print

Abstracts on black fabric and hand made paper

Original bird design made at a printing workshop

Albatross and Life is Good which was made to print on a quilt but is perfect postcard size.

Happy Quilting,


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