Friday, May 8, 2015

Canada, Its Provinces and Territories

A couple of months ago, I asked if anyone recognized any of the blocks on this post.

Canada, It's Provinces and Territories

The reason I asked was because all the blocks in this quilt were designed by Canadian quilters from across Canada to represent their provinces or territories.

The patterns were printed in The Canadian Quilter throughout year 2000 as a Millenium project.

I was interested to see if anyone reading might have made these blocks wayyyyyyy back then.

Canada, It's Provinces and Territories - back

My personal challenge was to use only my own hand dyed fabrics and to add grey to each block. The only commercial fabrics are the solid black and the black and white stripe onto which I stitched the name of the provinces and territories in white. It's a little hard to read,  I wanted the names on the quilt but I did not want them to stand out.

This was a guild project initiated by one of our members, Helen B. who would distribute patterns only to members who had completed their previous month's block.  All the blocks were made while participating in this challenge but then it took many attempts (and 13/14 years) to complete.

I quilted the "boxes" to look like wood grain.

wood grain pattern
The grey border was free motion quilted in a grid (the opposite black border was quilted with diagonal lines)

Bottom left border
being blocked

being blocked
I use my display wall to block my quilts.  I have four panels of foam insulation that I covered with flannel (one side beige - one side white).  The panels are 24" wide, so I place as many as I need on my tables, in this case I only needed three.

This quilt measures 66" x 75".

The label was not sewed on when I took the picture of the back.  I placed it at the bottom of the grey strip.

Next post, I'll show close-ups of all the block, front and back.

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Margaret said...

It's a lovely memento piece, Terry, and I really like the wood grain quilting. I confess I can't tell all the provinces, though!