Thursday, October 31, 2013

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Stitches 45 to 51

Three samples for TAST with Sharon b. at Pin Tangle.

Stitches 45 to 51

Stitch 49 – Knotted Feather Stitch

I really like doing this variation of the feather stitch.

Knotted Feather Stitch

Stitch 50 Inverted Feather Stitch

This one, however, gave me a hard time as you can see from the border. I also used it for the windows and the fence. By the time I got there it was getting slightly better.
Inverted Feather Stitch

Stitch 51 Raised Herringbone Band

I like the looks of this one but have trouble keeping the satin stitch the same width.

Raised Herringbone Band

I will link up to TAST at Pin Tangle

Check out the comments to see all the beautiful work going on there.

Happy Stitching,



Queeniepatch said...

Each and every one of your works is unique - you are so good at finding a great design. I loved working with the Knotted Feather stitch, too, and like you had troubles with the Inverted Feather stitch - until I 'saw' Roman numbers 9 and 11 and made a clock face. Your Raised Herringbone Band is very striking. I think the problem with the stitch width is the fabric.
Looking forward to more of your work!

Annet said...

Pretty samplers!