Thursday, January 20, 2011

Number One

Week 3 - Quilt 4

Number One   -  Front and Back        
Challenges   - 
    • to make a small quilt using only a handful of scraps randomly picked from the scrap box
    • to use  “Jiffy Fuse Fabric Joiner (recently purchased)
    • applied fusible web to back of each scrap
    • arranged scraps on muslin to form background
    • cut shapes and fused in place
    • Zig-zaged a few edges and words
    • on appliques
    • stippled background                                                                             
    • zig-zag

    • made do with scraps I had
    • Jiffy Fuse Fabric Joiner is very thin, does not make quilt stiff
    • cut shapes have nice sharp edges – no fraying
    • easy to quilt through 
Date Made: July 20, 2006

Maker: Terry Whyte

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