Friday, January 21, 2011

Waddle Quack

Week 3 - Quilt 5

This is the second journal page I made back in 2006.  
Waddle Quack - front

    • Manipulate fabric to change it's look
    • Choose a busy print and a stripe

    • Applied fusible web to back of each fabric
    • Drew a curvy line on background
    • Cut the two fabrics into squares and fused to each side of line
    • Zig zaged “eye lash” yarn over dividing line


    • Echo quilting and stippling
    • I had intended the curve on the back to match the front but forgot to mirror-image so got the opposite instead. Took advantage of that to do some stippling where the two curves met.
    • Waddle Quack - back
    • Added a line of words in the echo quilting lines

    • Zig zag

    • The original fabric

    • Really like the difference cutting the fabric made, especially the stripe when applied vertically and horizontally.
    • The yarn effectively divides the two fabrics
    • Like the overall effect cutting the fabric made. This technique would be useful where the fabric colour is right but the pattern is distracting.

Date Made - July 24, 2006

Maker – Terry Whyte          

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