Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quilt Documentation – A personal challenge

This blog will document the quilts I have made during the past 20 years, an inventory of sorts.

I am challenging myself to document at least one quilt a week, with photos and as much information as I have or can remember. The “remember” part might be a problem.

My quilts run the gamut from king size to mini, traditional to contemporary, utilitarian to art quilts.

For several years, I have emailed photos to family and friends under the heading of Today in Kenogami. Mostly nature photographs, beautiful sunsets, flora and fauna, colours of autumn and snow and ice photos have made the rounds.

Kenogami is the name of our community, as well as the lake, on which my husband and I have lived for the past 30 years. It felt like an appropriate and natural choice for the title of my blog.

Should you decide to come along for the ride, check in once in a while, to see a new (to you) quilt every week and possibly things happening in and around the area or beyond.

Check in tomorrow for Quilt #1.  


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Helen B said...

Hi Terry, Your Blog is Fantastic. It proves you have talents that go beyond Quilting . I am very impressed.