Sunday, October 9, 2011

White on White Sampler

Quilt # 47

White on White Sampler

I always wanted to make a white on white quilt using very subtle variations of white, off-white and beige.

I made all the blocks from Block of the Month patterns offered by our guild probably around 2006.

I designed the quilt on graph paper setting the blocks randomly in a grid of squares.

A one inch border framing the 12” blocks were a good fit for the 3½“ x 3½“ squares.


Quilt Name: White on White Sampler

Description: Nine sampler blocks set in a grid of 3½“ x 3½“ background squares.

Background squares

Pattern: Original setting. Some of the blocks names are: Starflower, Tessellated Hydrangeas, Country Wreath,   Card Tricks, Spiderweb

Size: 62” x 76”

Fabrics: 100% cotton

Predominant colours: White, off-white, beige, soft gold

Construction Techniques: Piecing

Back:   Extra-wide 100% cotton – white with gold leaves

Batting:  Hobbs  80-20

Edge finish:  Double fold french binding

Quilting, back, binding

Quilting: Long- armed machine quilted

Quilted by: Marnie Mascioli of Calico Cat Quilting

Sleeve: Yes

Label: No

Date completed: 2007

Quilt History: Displayed at the Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilter's Guild – 2007 Quilt Show

Maker: Terry Whyte

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