Friday, October 7, 2011

Off-centre log cabin

Quilt # 46

Off-centre log cabin

This is the last quilt from my first binder of Journal Quilts, which I will be glad to put away, as it (the binder) has been hanging around the computer for a long time.

I'm hoping to take more photos of quilts soon, especially of my King size quilts, and I will have to do this outside on the clothesline. My inside board is not large enough.

The trouble is that the sun has been shining fairly steadily for a few weeks now and I'm waiting for an overcast day. What a problem to have!! The weather has been gorgeous and I'm enjoyed every minute of it doing lots of outdoors chores.

Have a great day,


Off-centre log cabin

Challenge: I wanted to try using the log cabin method starting with an uneven hexagon centre.

Technique: I cut strips randomly (3/4” to 1”) wide and stitched and flipped around the hexagon. I tried to avoid placing 2 similar values next to each other.

Quilting: I quilted in the ditch around and around from the centre using invisible thread on the top and red thread on the back. I then added a swirl of leaves using a decorative stitch and lime green thread.

Edges: A couple of rows of zigzag in lime green thread.


Back: Left-over pieced squares from another project.

Conclusions: I would like to try this method to represent a sun or other round or oval object in a pieced quilt. I really can't imagine making a bed size quilt from this technique but Mrs. Dyer did.

Mrs. Dyer's quilt c. 1940 
Inspiration: From Quilter's Newsletter Jan/Feb 2007, a quilt made my Mrs. Dyer of Perth, c.1940.

Date Made: March 24, 2007

Maker: Terry Whyte

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