Friday, September 30, 2011

NOFA meeting September, 2011

The Northern Ontario Fibre Artists met on September 24th.

Our area enjoyed a very beautiful summer this year and most of us enjoyed it to the utmost, spending a lot of time gardening, with family, at the cottage, and traveling and not so much doing fibre arts.

However, a few pieces did manage to get accomplished with thread painting seeming to be a favourite for summer projects.

We spent the afternoon making mono prints from finger paintings  and printing with hand drawn foam stamps.  Hope to see some of these return as finished projects.

Here's are some of the projects that were brought in.
Silvia's Monochromatic Round Robin
Marie's Monochromatic Round Robin

Marnie's Fearless Designs experiment




Have a great day!


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Quilt Inspiration said...

We just discovered your blog and have become a follower. We are enjoying reading your posts ! Love your sampler quilts, and, your writing on fabric experiment. Thanks for your inspiring work !!