Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feathers and Swirls

Quilt #45

Challenge: Quilting feathers.

Techniques: I chose an Helen Squire pattern that was published in the American Quilter. The name of the pattern is Joyce.

Quilt Page 1 - front
Quilt Page 1 - I drew the outline of the pattern onto my quilt sandwich and quilted using Sulky Rayon 30 wt variegated thread on the top and a Signature cotton/polyester in the bobbin. The background was a combination of straight line and stippling.

Quilt Page 2 - front

Quilt Page 2 – On this quilt I decided to use the same thread (Sulky Rayon 40 wt) in top and bobbin and eliminate the straight lines

Quilt Page 1 - back
Quilt #1 - It was almost impossible to stop the bobbin thread from showing on top. Adjusting the tension just transfered the problem to the back.

The variegated thread on the front was not a good choice for this kind of design, where there was  a lot of backtracking.

Quilt Page 2 - back
Quilt #2 –Much happier with the same thread on the top and the bottom and prefer the plain stippling background,without straight lines.

I especially like the looks of the rayon thread on the hand dyed fabric on the back, except where there is a built-up of thread.

Thread choice is important to the look you want to achieve.

Date Made:  March 17, 2007

Maker:  Terry Whyte

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