Friday, September 2, 2011

3-D Star

Quilt #43


Challenge: The challenge for this quilt was to see if I could create a 3-d effect using satin stitch.

Techniques: I drew the design on paper, cut out to use as templates. After cutting the shapes, I fuse them to my background.

I satin stitched with off-white thread and narrow (2.0) stitch on “light side” and a wider (2.5) stitch and black thread for the “dark” side

Quilting: Assembled quilt sandwich and quilted with invisible nylon thread on outside of white lines and on the inside of the black lines to see if that would give more a 3-D effect.

I mixed a white and a green thread for the background swirls and black and green for the dark.

Edges: Finished edges with stitch # 27 on my Husqvarna.

3-D Star
Back: Pieced squares left-over from another project. 

Conclusions: I find that the centre area looks somewhat 3-D but not so sure the points do. Perhaps wider dark satin-stitch????

Date Made – February 17, 2007

Maker – Terry Whyte

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