Thursday, September 8, 2011


Quilt # 44

This was Experiment #2 with painted fusible web.

A lot of “What Ifs”.
In a previous journal page, Topsy Turvy, I used fabric paint on a paper-backed fusible.
So, what if I use craft acrylic paint instead of fabric paint.
What if, I paint directly on fusible web that isn't paper backed.
What if, I use tulle instead of organza.
What if, I remove some of the tulle after quilting.
There's always more what ifs.

Challenge: To see how craft acrylic paint would react on a no-back fusible web.

Techniques: The acrylic paint was watered down and lightly painted onto “Jiffy Fuse Fabric Joiner”. 
Dried in sun about one hour.
Cut out circles and arranged on background.
Also cut up bits into confetti and dropped randomly on quilt.
Covered with parchment paper & ironed lightly, if ironed too long the web will be shiny.
Wait for fabric to cool to remove parchment paper or fusible web might lift off.
The 2 darker gold circles have 2 layers of web.

Quilting: Made quilt sandwich and covered front with beige tulle and stitched around circles and stippled the background.
Removed the tulle from circles using seam ripper.

Edges: Zigzagged stitch

Back: Left-over rail fence blocks  


Conclusions:  I learned a lot about handling painted fusible web as an embellishment and have made several small landscape quilts and taught classes about this technique.
The confetti doesn't show well here because of busy background, but I think could be used effectively.
The only draw back is that the quilt cannot be ironed ever (without parchment paper)  and would probably not be washable. A technique for Wall or Art Quilts only.

Date Made – February 24, 2007

Maker – Terry Whyte

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