Saturday, February 12, 2011

Topsy Turvy

Quilt #13

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My challenge with this piece was to paint fusible web and was inspired by Pam Watts' book, Beginner's Guide to Machine Embroidery.

I dropped blobs of fabric paint onto one half of a piece of Aleene's Original Iron on Fusible Web leaving the paper backing on.

I folded the unpainted section over the paint section, pressed and rubbed with fingers. Open up and let dry.

Cut out design and lay (paint side down) in position on background fabric. Iron to fix, cool and remove paper backing.

I tried to stitch through a sample but found it too sticky.
I decided to cover the design with organza sprayed with 505 temporary adhesive.

I quilted the layers together using a variegated cotton thread from Valdani and a zig zag stitch in a rectangular shape over the painted design.


I experimented with a lot of other fusible webs and some can be stitched through with no problem and do not feel sticky.

Depending on the fusible web used and how the paint is applied, you can get very different results.

You have to remember that if painted fusible web is not covered by another fabric, it cannot be ironed without covering it with parchment paper, which can be purchased in grocery stores.  The backing on the back of fusible web is also parchment paper.

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