Thursday, February 10, 2011

Folding a Quilt for Storage

Folding a Quilt for Storage

When to took out my Fast Pinwheels to photograph, I noticed some pretty heavy folded creases vertically and horizontally across the centre of the quilt.

If you store your quilts for any period time, they should be refolded differently every few months.

Although I obviously don't do it all the time, this is how I like to fold mine to prevent heavy creasing along the centre,  

First fold:  fold one corner across diagonally, going all the way to the adjacent edge if you wish. 

Second fold: bring the next corner in towards the centre, folding the previously folded section back onto itself. 

Third fold:  bring in another corner in to the centre as before.

Fourth fold:  Fold last corner in to make a square or rectangle.

You can now fold your quilt in half and store it at this point.
(You can see the creases from the previous folding here).

Or fold one more time, depending on the size you want.

You can refold your quilts many times this way by just changing the location of the folds. 

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