Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back Home & Postcard Fun


I loved New Zealand!  What a wonderful holiday. Cruising is great, no packing and hauling luggage around but still get to go on excursions and then, of course, all the good food. I met wonderful people and had lots of fun and even took quilting workshops on the days at sea.

And to top it all off, I got to spend almost a week with family in Vancouver on my way back home.


After being away on holidays for 3 weeks and the blog for a month, it is hard to get back in the groove.

I did miss my sewing machine, so time to play.  I decided to have some fun with postcards.

FOUR cards from one little kit!
I had made some kits (scraps) with the idea of teaching a class, so thought it might be a good idea to do a test run and see if the kits would work.

I chose a kit at random and these were the contents:

contents of kit

This is my first background, stitched with a decorative stitch and quilted:

background - decorative stitch and quilted

First card "Funky Flower":
Funky Flower

The second card turned into a little abstract. 
This was the process:



Still lots of scraps left:

Made “Swan in the Moonlight “ which turned out to be my favourite.

Swan in the moonlight
At this point I'm obsessed with seeing If I can squeeze one more card out of the little bag of scraps.
Tic tac toe!
Tic Tac Toe
I like to play with scraps and see what I can come up with.  I find that limiting supplies to use in a project can really get the creative juices flowing and  usually makes the results fun and interesting.

The results and left-overs

I had fun making these.
Hope you enjoy looking!
Thanks for coming.

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Susan Being Snippy said...

the swan is my favourite too! great idea to make up little kits like that perhaps similar kits for myself may fill in little bits of time when a I don't feel like doing a bigger project.. Thanks for the idea!

Sheila said...

Great postcards , very creative . I love making postcards too :-)

Kate said...

You make me feel like I need to make post cards, again!

Margaret said...

Great fun! I think I like your swan best too...the way you portrayed the moonlight on the water is particularly lovely. :-)

Beverly said...

Your postcards are wonderful, and you really got variety from that kit.

Nina Marie said...

I like the tic tac one! These would make lovely gifts!

Regina said...

You put a lot of work into these cards! Limits seem to be very important to creativity, they certainly inspired you.