Monday, February 25, 2013

Door #2

Quilt Documentation #121

Door #2 

This mixed media piece was made in answer to NOFA Green Challenge. Each person, in our art quilt group, brought in an item that had to be used in the making of our piece.

These were the items brought in:

cloth serviette with a raised pattern
aluminum pop can
long rectangular bead
silk leaf
large copper staple
wine cork

I used mine this way:

I made a rubbing (blue) from the serviette, for my wall background, on a piece that had previously been spattered.  I also painted the bottom part blue to match the top.

layout before stitching
I then quilted the whole piece, fused the “bricks” and stitched on the door and the steps.

The pop can was cut into a door and painted, the bead became the handle and the staple was cut to make 3 hinges.

I used the bottom of the pop can to make the vase into which I put the seashell and the cut-in-half leaf. I also added some of the curly cutting to the vase.

vase made from pop can bottom & hinges from large staple
The cork was cut into several pieces to build the sidewalk and I added clumps of “french knot” flowers to finish things off.

I wrapped the quilt around a piece of plywood and glued a ribbon over the raw edges.

Door #2 - back

This piece was made 2009 and measures 10” x 13½” .

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Great creativity going on here!