Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Red Tree

Quilt Documentation # 119

Red Tree was made back in 2007 when I was experimenting with painting on fusible web with acrylics.

After the paint is dry, the fusible web has to be ironed on using a piece of parchment paper. A light hand is needed or the fusible web will go shiny. This method gets interesting results but the drawback is that once applied it cannot be touched with an iron (without parchment paper) or it will stick to the iron and melt.

In this quilt I applied 3 overlapping layers to get the sky section to go from light to dark.  The tree trunk was appliqued and the branches were thread painted.

The shadows on the ground are also made from using painted web.

I like the back of my quilts to look nice but also add a little surprise or something extra.  On this one I put a heavy thread in the bobbin at the quilting stage and outlined the tree and some of the background and borders.

This little monochromatic quilt measures12¾” x 16½”.

Sometimes it's just fun to play.



Dar said...

This is my favorite of your quilts that I've seen lately. I loved the effects of layering the web and how the shading turned out. I'd love to try one like it. Your quilting idea to transfer some of the outling to the back was brilliant. Love, love, love it!! Do you sell your pieces??

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I could sell this one if you are interested. Let me know.