Thursday, March 27, 2014

ART PROMPT - #7 - Week 2 – Use glue

A day early!!

new and improved - (I hope)
Last week, I really was not happy with what was happening with the quilting – not only my thread choice but also my quilting itself.

This is what it looked like last week: yuck!

first attempt
The first thing I did, after posting last week, was quilt the outside edges using a yellow Bottom Line Thread by Libby Lehman.   It is a fine thread and let the design left by the glue resist show through.  So I ripped out the quilting on the swirls and quilted over with the same thread.    The pebbling was done in a turquoise Wonderfil Konfetti, an Egyptian 50wt cotton.   

I like the two rows of quilting with my original thread, kind of acts as a little border.  I'm a lot happier with the whole thing now.

detail - now

detail - then
No binding because I think it will probably get cut up to use in other projects.

This piece measures 22½” x 21½”. 

See you next week,


NEXT ART PROMPT - #8 – Add a strong diagonal


One prompt, one project (taking as long as required to finish the project)

It's OK to finish a previously started project (UFO)

Make something creative.

Use any Media.

Blog about the project every Friday.

Pick a prompt for the next week once the project is done.


Lorette Cole said...

I love your new and improved piece! It's quite lovely and I like that you left the previous rows of quilting. It serves as a reminder of your effort and determination to make it work for you. It turned out great!

quilted fabric art said...

Love! What a difference! I should probablly look at a previous post cause you probablly explain but the outside edge - is it sheer fabric glued down? I can see some of the glue and it adds to the piece nicely. What kind of sheer did you use and what kind of glue? I'm going to put my email on your posts so I don't miss any. This prompt thing is very cool :-)

quilted fabric art said...

Ok just read the last post and it answered my questions :-) the edge does look like sheer though

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Excellent and analysis of the original work and reworking of the piece.

angie said...

I love the colors of this piece. And the stitching is amazing.

Regina said...

Very nice and very different!