Friday, March 4, 2011

Celtic, Trapunto and Me

Quilt  # 8

Celtic, Trapunto and Me
My quilt this week is a Celtic Medallion with some added trapunto.

The celtic knot in the central panel of this quilt was started in a Celtic Workshop with Ruth Green from Timmins sponsored by the Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters Guild.

central celtic knot

I used a very dark brown print for the celtic strips which were machine appliqued onto some of my own hand dyed fabric.

When I decided to incorporate this panel into a large quilt, it was difficult to find salmon coloured fabric. I used some prints, more hand dyed as well as the back of some fabrics. The greys are all store bought prints and the dark mottled fabric is my own.


I designed this pattern on graph paper and after adding 2 borders to the central panel, the rest of the quilt was assembled into 12” blocks made up of the squares and flying geese rectangles. The colour of the squares, salmon, grey and dark mottled fabric define the pattern. The whole quilt is on point.

The 12” blocks were then stitched together to make up the top.

A skinny border was added to the outside edges.

Next, the celtic corner designs were appliqued on the salmon coloured section of the top.

I added the trapunto design by machine and then stippled the complete top.


When I look at the back of this quilt reminds of those Optical Illusions pictures where sometimes the design looks recessed and then all of a sudden it looks puffed out.  Click on it and see if you can see that.

I don't quilt as much during the summer months but that year, the celtic, the trapunto and me spent a lot of time together.

This quilt was juried into the 2006 American Quilter’s Society Quilt Exposition, in Nashville, Tennessee and was shown in the 2004 Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters' Guild Quilt Show and at Quilt Day 3, Kirkland Lake, April 2005.

It has been cold here in Kenogami, but the weatherman is promising temperatures around the -15˚C (5˚F), more or less, all week.  We'll take it.

Have a great day!



Quilt Name:  Celtic, Trapunto and Me
Description:  Medallion organization with central Celtic knot within hand dyed field on point. Remaining field of 3” squares and 3” x 6” flying geese are all on point.
Pattern:  Original design
Size:  66 ½” x 82”
Fabrics: 100% cotton including hand dyed muslin
Predominant colours:  Brown, black, pale salmon, grey, red, green prints in mixed scale and texture.
Construction Techniques:  Machine pieced, machine applique, trapunto and machine quilted on domestic machine
Back:  Reproduction cotton print in black, grey and red with horizontal seam.
Batting:  Cotton and polyester for extra layer under trapunto
Edge finish:  Half inch straight greain binding appied by machine on tope and fine hand on back with mitered corners.
Quilting:  Extra polyester layer in trapunto areas. In ditch, stipple and meander. Medium heavy coverage
Quilted by:  Terry Whyte 
Sleeve:  Yes
Label:  Computer printed
Date completed:  2004
Appraised:   by Rita Rottman, Ottawa.
Quilt History:  Juried into 2006 American Quilter’s Society Quilt Exposition, in Nashville, Tenn.  Quilt was shown in the 2004 Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters' Guild Quilt Show and at Quilt Day 3, Kirkland Lake, April 2005.
Maker:  Terry Whyte